Chiropractic brings potential forward. We know that humans are living potential machines. Our innate wisdom is constantly seeking to use the resources at our disposal in the most effective adaptive strategies to bring out that potential. We also know that chiropractors are detectives — who analyze the body for ways to support and empower every patient to step into their own potential. Optimizing potential is in everything we do.

Today — optimal potential is not just a hot topic for chiropractors. Everyone is looking for ways to do more and achieve more. For some — that is adding resources to their lives. For others — it is simplifying. Others seek innovation and disruption to old systems.

Everyone wants to live an optimal life and express their optimal potential.

This year at The WAVE — the chiropractic profession will gather to look deeply at opportunities for optimal potential. We will examine ways to optimize in our profession and strategies and to optimize our patient’s expression of health.

We will review the latest in brain health, chiropractic neurology, peak performance, pediatric chiropractic and how to effectively communicate chiropractic value and philosophy to your patients. We will honor our living legends in the incredible Legacy Panel. And we will celebrate the optimal potential that comes with a chiropractic way of life.

You won’t want to miss Life West’s The WAVE in 2018 in Oakland, CA.

Parents are embracing a salutogenic approach to health – especially for their kids. Chiropractors bring families the latest science of optimizing health. By providing leadership and information on what the human body can do- we tap into the incredible potential of every child. We serve and impact entire families, including many children – from infants to teens. When we focus on optimizing families – everyone benefits.

Neurology is content that chiropractors always need. Functional neurology recognizes the unique bio-individuality of each nervous system and uses protocols to address challenges to the entire nervous system including the brain. By focusing on neurological lesions we find innovative ways to identify subluxations and to help chiropractic patients rewire and heal their brains and entire nervous system.

No chiropractic conference would be complete without insight into the fast paced world of Marketing and Communications. As our population shifts from baby boomers to millennials we must continually upgrade our ability to communicate the chiropractic message effectively.Chiropractors can optimize their impact by optimizing communication strategies and tactics.

Not all patients come to see a chiropractor for pain or problems. A growing population is seeking new ways to optimize their performance in life, from athletes to desk jockeys to soccer moms. Subluxations impair performance. Our experts will help you to understand and communicate the value of a chiropractic adjustment in improving function and quality of life for every single patient.

Brain health can be affected by many kinds of physical, environmental, emotional and chemical stressors. This year we will bring in experts who will focus our understanding of how the chiropractic adjustment directly affects the brain, the brain stem and proprioception.

Our philosophy informs our questions and shapes the answers we use to build our bigger why as health care providers. By returning to our roots as chiropractic philosophers and truth seekers, we tap into the deepest meaning which underpins every action and every strategy in a thriving chiropractic office.

Your chiropractic office is always looking to maximize your own optimal potential — and one key way to accomplish that is by supporting and training your entire team.

The Life West WAVE CA track provides your team with both content and empowerment that will send them home with inspiring and practical answers for your office. The CA track allows your team to meet their CE credits and then join you for the inspiration on the main stage at the WAVE for the rest of the weekend.


Dr. Jeanne Ohm- Essentials for the Family Practice

As a world renowned expert in family wellness and pediatric chiropractic, Dr. Ohm will discuss concepts and strategies that will inspire your team to see their powerful role in supporting the families in your practice.

Dr. Anderson-Peacock- Bringing the Best Version of You by Being the Best Version of You

Doctors ask a lot of our assistants. We ask them to multitask and adapt on the fly and sometimes they feel like they need to be in two places at once. CAs are often squeezed between keeping docs and clients happy. The life of a CA means constantly juggling a lot of balls. Rather than allowing this work to overwhelm us and get in the way of being our best – let’s have fun and look at tips to reframe ourselves to masterfully navigate our day.

Dr. David Fletcher – Be the CEO in your Chiropractic Office

Learn about key factors that will move you to lead your chiropractic office to be the best it can be! We will discuss how being certain of the vision and purpose of office interacts with your own purpose, vision and WHY as you create the great office experiences for all!


End the weekend with practical application. We will offer five hours of X- Ray CE on Sunday morning which will allow you to not only meet your required hours, but to explore useful concepts and review the normal and abnormal anatomy of the spine in radiographic images.


More information to come…