What is salutogenesis? As a chiropractor, you may be curious about this new phrase you keep hearing — but this is a concept as old as the human body.

Salutogenesis is the idea that each of us is made to heal. The creation of health (salutogenesis) is at the heart of everything we do as chiropractors. Where does health come from and how do we tap deeply into our wellspring of innate potential? The concept of salutogenesis will resonate with your community and allow you to better express the value of chiropractic care.

Join us as we look at the history of the term and the value of salutogenesis in your practice.


Chiropractors are scientists. We love to learn about the human body and explore the cutting edge of scientific inquiry and its impact on our daily practice.

There is so much happening so quickly in the scientific world. Research and the application of research bring to light new discoveries and understanding every day. This information can transform your practice and your patient care.

Join us at The WAVE to learn the very latest in the science of the human body and human potential.


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Our philosophy informs and shapes everything we do as chiropractors. That is why we continually return to our philosophical roots and explore what it means to be a salutogenic chiropractor in today’s health care environment.

Our unique philosophy is what sets chiropractic apart from other options in health care, and our philosophy is why the public continues to value our work. The WAVE speakers will explore the value of our philosophy and leave you both inspired and ready to use our WHY to build your practice.


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Technique is so much more than how we do what we do. Technique is the intersection of science and application. The more we learn about the human body, the more we are able to help people experience health from the inside out.

At The WAVE 2019, explore the very latest from the technique world. Learn what leading experts in technique and human physiology are discovering in their research, and bring this understanding back to your practice.


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End the weekend with practical application. We will offer five hours of X- Ray CE on Sunday morning which will allow you to not only meet your required hours, but to explore useful concepts and review the normal and abnormal anatomy of the spine in radiographic images.


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Your chiropractic office is always looking to maximize your own optimal potential — and one key way to accomplish that is by supporting and training your entire team.

The Life West WAVE CA track provides your team with both content and empowerment that will send them home with inspiring and practical answers for your office. The CA track allows your team to meet their CE credits and then join you for the inspiration on the main stage at the WAVE for the rest of the weekend.

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