Annette Schippel, DC


Dr. Annette Kutz Schippel graduated from Logan University in 1998. Her passion for functional nutrition and phytotherapy has brought her a continuing flow of patients from across not only Illinois, but from all over the U.S. and other countries as well. Her expertise in functional medicine has contributed to the success of her integrative holistic practice, and has also allowed her to become a respected health educator in her profession.


How to See the Bigger Picture with Functional Nutrition

It’s not WHAT you have, it’s WHY you have it! In this talk, attendees will learn the importance of functional nutrition and viewing the individual patient as a whole person and not a collection of symptoms. This talk will cover:

  • Understanding functional/optimal physiology vs. pathology
  • How to get to the “why” vs. the “what” when reviewing a patient’s health
  • A few simple steps to choosing correct nutrition, herbal support and lifestyle recommendations