Brad Glowaki, DC


Dr. Brad Glowaki has combined his pro-business philosophy and expertise in wellness to help corporations institute wellness programs in the workplace. He hosts educational forums around the globe to share his knowledge with other doctors. He is not a coach but has frequently been asked to speak at a variety of venues, from the big stage to the corporate office. He shares methodologies and techniques to communicate the message of chiropractic’s benefits to the masses and has amassed more than 10,000+ speaking hours. ​“Dr. Glow” was named the 2012 Parker Seminars “Chiropractor of the Year,” Doctor of the Year in 2008 by the CCA, and the 2010 CLA International Ambassador of the Year for his global seminars outside of the U.S. and Canada.


Salutogenesis, Chiropractic Technique, and Global Well-Being.

Research, application & strategies to improve the health of your community through chiropractic technique.