Jeff Scholten, DC


Dr. Jeffrey N. Scholten is a published clinical researcher whose duties have included serving as the director of the Vital Posture Clinic, president of NUCCA, president and board member of the ICA’s Upper Cervical Council, and board member of the Upper Cervical Research Foundation. His passions include helping people suffering from traumatic neck injuries and assisting fellow clinicians with developing and maintaining outstanding office procedures. A resident of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Dr. Scholten has maintained a private practice since 2001.


Point Break: Locus of Control Concepts in Adjusting the Craniocervical Junction

In this talk, attendees will learn more about…

  • Imaging modalities available to complete the comprehensive examination of the complex patient
  • Structural considerations for clinicians adjusting the craniocervical junction
  • Assessment/classification of patients during intake so attendees can recognize where to intervene