Lona Cook, DC


Dr. Lona Cook is an author and frequent speaker on chiropractic. She is on the board of the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin, the state’s chiropractic association, and has devoted much of her time to mentoring chiropractic students and young chiropractors. She grew up in Wisconsin, graduated from chiropractic school in 2009 and opened her first practice in 2010. She and her team have since opened two more practices and have a passion for vitalistic chiropractic. A recent project is doing chiropractic work within their school district. She is excited to talk at The WAVE about how the salutogenic philosophy translates to the masses!


ADIO — Seeing the Intelligence in Everything!

Attendees will learn to see our philosophy as cutting-edge and learn how to apply it to their life experience (both their inner and outer world). Attendees will:

  • Go through content from thought-leaders in human potential to help them witness the Intelligence of our Universe and human experience
  • Learn key questions to reflect on for their own experience, growth and implementation
  • See that our role as chiropractors is to be facilitators for this Intelligence in our lives and practice