Ron Chhinzer


Law enforcement officer and inspirational speaker Ron Chhinzer has spent the last several of his 16 years in law enforcement focusing on creating and growing a gang prevention strategy in Ontario, Canada. He grew up involved with gangs and understands on a deep level how the mindset affects the outcome, and how to elicit personal information that may help with diagnosis from reluctant communicators. He’s been a frequent volunteer and has founded, a free platform that ims to positively impact the world through inspiration and instruction. He often leads training workshops, does motivational speaking and provides executive coaching to corporations and organizations.


Gangs, Drugs, Money, and Subluxation

Attendees will learn effective history-taking interview techniques to aid doctors and patients in identifying both immediate and root causes of patient trauma. Specifically, this talk will discuss the following:


  • How to speak with gang members and those who aren’t typically comfortable sharing personal information, and eliciting information from reluctant communicators
  • Applying these lessons to the chiropractic office via novel history-taking techniques
  • How the chiropractic salutogenic health care model applies to both patients and gang members alike, and using health to prompt change and success without gangs