Scott Rosa, DC


Dr. Scott Rosa practices at the Rosa Clinic in New York. He has 32 years of experience in chiropractic care, and has served as President of the Trauma Imaging Foundation, Vice President of the R.W. Sweat Research Foundation, and Chairman of the National Institute of Health.

Dr. Rosa has developed a “Patented Advanced Trauma Imaging Procedure” utilizing motion X-ray and dynamic upright MRI, for viewing soft tissue injuries post head/neck trauma. Dr. Rosa has developed and patented “Image Guided Atlas Treatment” (IGAT™) which utilizes dynamic upright MRI imaging to derive adjusting vectors for correction of misalignments at the craniocervical junction. Dr. Rosa was awarded Upper Cervical Research Chiropractor of the Year by the ICA.


Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting Procedures

Learn about Dr. Rosa’s latest research in the area of neuro-degenerative brain disease, concussion, CTE, altered CSF flow dynamics and their correlation to the cranio-cervical junction derangements and misalignment. Specifically, this presentation will discuss the following:

  • Neuro-radiographic observations, aberrant biomechanical observations and neuro-vascular anomalies
  • Detection and correction of C0-C1, C1-C2 misalignments
  • Pre- and post-C1 correction studies of Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting
  • The benefits of CSF flow studies in observations of neuro-inflammatory and neuro-degenerative brain diseases