Ted Carrick, DC


Frederick Carrick, DC, PhD, MS-HPEd, is a Professor of Neurology and Senior Research Fellow at the Bedfordshire Centre for Mental Health Research, in association with the University of Cambridge, U.K. In the past four decades, he has provided care for high-profile professionals, Olympians and collegiate athletes from around the globe who have suffered a brain injury.

Dr. Carrick is a graduate of CMCC in Toronto and is board-certified in neurology with fellowship certification in traumatic brain injury, vestibular rehabilitation and EEG. He has a doctorate degree from Walden University, and his dissertation focused on the Neurophysiological Implications in Learning. He holds a Master of Science degree in Health Professions Education from the Harvard Macy/MGH Institutes and was a global clinical scholar at Harvard Medical School.


Technique and Neurology for the Practicing Chiropractor

Hear about the neurological results of chiropractic care that supports health and well-being, utilizing real patient scenarios that promote a clinical understanding of the participant. Disorders of the nervous system are hard-linked to conditions that compromise the well-being of individuals, and participants will understand how to quantify human function using neurological clinical skills with this presentation of:

  • Evidence-based neurological research related to the adjustment for the practicing chiropractor
  • Current research publications on the neurology of the adjustment by the presenter and his team, and why they are meaningful to chiropractic