Why Attend?


Chiropractic conferences means different things to different people.

The WAVE brings inspiration and a fresh approach on the philosophy, art, science, and future of chiropractic. World-class speakers with perspectives that cultivate cutting-edge conversations that inspire you and help you grow your practice. Enjoy a family-friendly weekend in Northern California’s Bay Area.

The WAVE is your source for inspiration and education. Connect with friends and colleagues, old and new, in an interactive learning environment.

Some attendees love the opportunity to learn the latest science and research in the chiropractic profession. Others love to see the parallel work being done in other professions. Still others love reconnecting to the big idea of chiropractic and remembering why we do the work we do.

Engage in the Latest Topics

Today — optimal potential is not just a hot topic for chiropractors. Everyone is looking for ways to do more and achieve more. For some — that is adding resources to their lives. For others — it is simplifying. Others seek innovation and disruption to old systems.

Hear from Leading Experts

We are proud to feature renowned experts such as Billy DeMoss, DC, Danielle Eaton, DC, Deed Harrison, DC, Dan Murphy, DC, Jeanne Ohm, DC, David Fletcher, DC and many other leading experts who will show us the very latest in research and science behind the brain and the subluxation.

Receive CE Credits

Do you want a easy and fun way to earn your CE credits? Earn up to 20 CE Credits at The WAVE while immersing yourself in new research and inspiring content and the latest research! Continuing Education for The WAVE is divided into two distinct categories: AT THE CONFERENCE and ONLINE.

Continuing Education for The WAVE is divided into two distinct categories: AT THE CONFERENCE and ONLINE.

Come to Connect

Come to connect with students that may be looking for: a mentor, a job, a place to do a preceptorship, a practice to take over, or someone to just “hold their hand” as they enter the practice world. On Friday we will be hosting a Mentor Meet Up luncheon right at the WAVE during lunch and you should come.

We come for information. We come for community. We come for collaboration.



“The WAVE has been amazing. I’ve been re-inspired. I feel motivated about chiropractic.”



“I don’t know who some of these speakers are – but one after another, after another has been absolutely wonderful! The WAVE has been excellent.”



“There’s so much life and passion in everyone who speaks and everyone you see at The WAVE.”